Sunday, August 12, 2007

REAL AGE : Tip of the Day aug 10 2007

Real Age brings you the real tips on tuning up
your diet and health to sync with today's 'rush hour'

Dark Beans Are Best

You'll find protein, fiber, and folate in beans, as well as
these surprising health helpers: antioxidants.
The darkest-colored beans have . . .Read more.

Say "No" to Life in the Fast Lane
You may be getting ahead on your to-do list by scheduling
every minute of every day, but your health could pay a price.
Death rates from heart disease are higher in cultures
where . . . Read more.

Ways to Boost Your Balance
How's your balance? Stand with one of your feet 12 inches
off the ground and see how long you can maintain the
position. Here's what your results mean. Read more.

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