Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blank Noise : An Update

Here's a quick update on the Blank Noise front!
We at Blank Noise are working on the blog and trying
to clean it up so that a first time visitor can easily
figure us out!

Your suggestions are welcome! If any of you with technical/
conceptual inputs would like to volunteer,
email us at

Amongst the last few posts has been the latest of our
online projects. called
'Tales of Love and Lust'. We asked
you to contribute things you have been called on the street
and have begun to compile a 'dictionary' of eve-teasing,
that defines what we are
not. The first set out is a list of
food names in the form of poster charts. They will be
translated in the local language and plastered around the
streets of your city.
If you would like to get this going by
volunteering to :

1. translate the text

2. organize printing ( figure out local printers/ cost/form a team/
delegate tasks/ locations for posters)

3. fund the campaign
4. post production/dissemnation paste posters, or organize-
email us at

Coming up is a list of 'things'/ 'statements'/ descriptors
sent by all of you in response to
tales of love and lust.

Ratna Apnender and Hemangini Gupta both members
of Blank Noise core team began something they've been
hoping to do for a while - critically question some of
Blank Noise's assumptions and examine the implications
of strategies. for instance, how is our perception of
harassment biased by the class and background of the
people involved? can approaching the police cause more
harm than good?
is a good response to harassment one
that adopts the same attitude and language of the
perpetrator in a give-back-as- good-as-you-get kind
of way?
Questions, thoughts and niggling doubts - they're all within
the last few posts and were specifically intended to get
us to talk about things that might have been bothering
many of us on these reader lists or who are volunteers.

Do drop by and add to the debate on
www.blanknoiseproject.blogspot.com thanks!


mob : 0049 152059 13339


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