Friday, October 26, 2007 : Rev David Duncombe

Dear Fred,

For the last month, you and I have lived very different lives, but we both have worked for the same noble goal: canceling the debt of some of the world's poorest nations.

As Josh Peck mentioned in earlier emails, I left my home in Washington state and came to Washington, D.C., to fast for 40 days, all the while meeting with members of Congress and asking them to cosponsor the Jubilee Act. My thanks goes out to each and every one of you for joining me for the last four days of my fast to ratchet up the pressure on Congress.

Your efforts were extraordinary. Nearly 48,000 of you sent letters to your members of Congress, far surpassing my original hope for 40,000 letters, 1,000 for each day of my fast. Even more impressive are the 4,200 of you who picked up the phone and made a call to your senators and representatives. You wrapped all of this up by inundating the IMF with tens of thousands of emails demanding they follow through on their promise to cancel Liberia's debt.

And Congress heard you loud and clear.

Through our efforts we added 27 cosponsors in the House of Representatives, with over half of those signing on after ONE started taking action. We were also able to convince some of our champions in the Senate to introduce a companion bill, and so far 10 senators have agreed to cosponsor the bill. As if this were not enough, Congress agreed to hold a hearing on the Jubilee Act in mid November, drawing important attention to the need for debt relief.

Unfortunately, none of your members of Congress have signed on to co-sponsor the bill yet. They've received your letters, they've heard your calls, and they might even have received a visit from me, yet somehow they have not yet taken action.

Right now on the ONE Blog, representatives from ONE and Jubilee USA are discussing how we can keep up the pressure on members of Congress like yours. I hope that you will join this discussion to share your opinion and learn what you can do to build the momentum to see this crucial bill passed.

Once again, my deepest gratitude to you all, working together we have done a great thing.

In peace,

Rev. David Duncombe, ONE Member


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