Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dosa Man Gets the Silver Vendy !

Respect for the humble Dosa from the streets of New York !

Flickr Image by Zooey

Hundreds of New Yorkers paid $60 to eat - and vote - for
their favorite streetcorner cooks, and the proceeds of the event -
The Annual Vendy Awards - helped raise money for the
Street Vendor Project, a nonprofit organization that supports
the city's more than 10,000 sidewalk chefs. One of those chefs
was Sri Lankan
Thiru Kumar whose Dosas and other vegan
nabbed the Top Prize, the Silver Vendy Cup this year.

Thiru Photo Credit: By Irene La Grasta

For the uninitiated, the dosai, dosa, dose, thosai, or dhosa is a
South Indian crêpe that is quite popular in many countries
outside of India. High in carbohydrates and proteins, it is a
old typical South Indian breakfast item. Made from
a batter of lentils
and rice that has been left to ferment
overnight, it is spread into a
circular shape and fried in oil
or ghee. Etc., etc.... I'm no Thiru Kumar
so for a gander at the Wikibook Dosa recipe go here

Thiru's quite a guy. He has a strong fan base in
nearby NYU.
See him alongside this year's Street Vendor finalists here.

Then brace yourself and get adventurous. Go find a Dosa.

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