Saturday, October 27, 2007

DivX and Stage6 : San Diego Fires

Update from the folks at Stage6 that I received today :

As I'm sure you are aware, San Diego is on fire. As you may not be aware, DivX and Stage6 are based in San Diego and our offices were forced to close this Monday through Wednesday. With that in mind, we hope you'll understand that we've been preoccupied lately and, in that spirit, we present this special abbreviated San Diego fires issue of the Stage6 Highlights.

San Diego Wildfires: Black Hawk Rising, Shelters, Updates San Diego Wildfires:
Black Hawk Rising, Shelters, Updates

Stage6 member
shot this video while gathering and delivering
supplies to evacuees on Tuesday
during the
San Diego fires.

Read the rest of the Stage6 Newsletter here

As a member of Stage6 you may Upload or View videos
in the DivX format which IMHO is the best thing around
when it comes to
superior Audio and near-HDD viewing
( not all of us here are ready for HDD yet ).
Download the free Divx player and you're on your way
to the latest and best movies on the net via Stage6 and

I was thrilled with the results of the first music video
I uploaded as an experiment !

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