Friday, October 26, 2007

Salma the Muslim Barbie

There's a Barbie in every corner of the world these
days. Especially after one Indonesian Muslim mother
created a
Barbie that physically looks identical to the
original but with one major difference :
her attire.

Indonesian entrepreneur Sukmawati Suryaman has

created Salma the Muslim Barbie as a modest alternative
to all the beach-clad, Go-Go Barbies of the world by
covering her version from head to toe in traditional
Muslim garb. Smart woman that she is, she should see
rapid profits, with no opposition from overbearing
clerics such as the one who threatened Indian
Tennis sensation Sania Mirza

for displaying her undies and legs in traditional
Tennis wear. As expected, feverish Barbie collectors
Ebay resellers trying to cash in on this have flooded
the online store and so the website may be down.

No talk of a companion Ken
doll for the future, perhaps
due to all that
silly talk of Ken swinging the 'other' way.......