Tuesday, November 13, 2007

2007 Home-Based 100 Finalists

Here is Startup Nation's List of Top Performers in
field of Home-Based Businesses

The 'Category' column sucked me in but the winners
are really more than that. Interesting read......

1-25 Results Alphabetically
Name Category Rank
10FootDrillBit.com Wackiest 2
11th Hour Concierge Most Slacker-Friendly 7
Above The Clouds Yummiest 9
Accu-Ruler Most Innovative 3
Artistic Lifestyling Greenest 7
Birol Growth Consulting Best Financial Performers 7
Breakthrough Enterprise Boomers Back in Business 8
Brent Brotine Communications Boomers Back in Business 7
Cafe Elisa Yummiest 4
Catherine Miller Designs Most Innovative 2
CenterPoint Worldliest 5
Chasing Attire Wackiest 7
Child Shield USA Most Innovative 1
Christine Adler Care Most Slacker-Friendly 6
Ciao Laura Highest Vote-Getters 3
Ciao Laura Yummiest 7
Coldsweep Greenest 6
Coldsweep Grungiest 6
ConformaTies Wackiest 8
Cool Bug Stuff Grungiest 4
CreativeStream Marketing Worldliest 8
Dinosaur Recovery Bureau Grungiest 3
E Cell Recycling Highest Vote-Getters 8
Exquisite Air Charter Worldliest 1
Eyewear 2 U Most Innovative 10

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