Monday, November 12, 2007

REAL AGE : The Ultimate Exercise Machine

Today's Real Age Tip of the Day is my new favorite
because it's about something I practice and
advocate :
using my body as a machine instead of
with machines.

November 12, 2007

All About YOU: The Ultimate Exercise Machine

No gym membership? No problem. You're living in
the best gym in the world: your body.

It's all you need to get stronger, leaner, and better
equipped to grow younger. So put it to good use!
Because the stronger your body, the longer and better
your life.
Here are two at-home, in-your-body workouts to try.
No assembly required.

2 Workouts to Help YOU Stay Young

You can check out these workouts, and more, in the
new book YOU: Staying Young, the latest offering from
RealAge experts and best-selling authors Mehmet Oz, MD,
and Michael Roizen, MD.

1. The You2 Workout
This workout will stretch and strengthen your muscles,
which in turn not only helps you maintain a healthy
weight but also does things like build stronger bones.
Get step-by-step instructions, including how-to pictures.

2. Chi-Gong Workout
This 2000-year-old workout not only shapes your body but
also helps you destress and keeps your energy levels high.
Check out all 13 moves, then print them out for easy access.

Extend the warranty on your body!
Check out all the grow-younger tips, tools, workouts,
and tests in the online YOU: Staying Young Center.

RealAge Benefit: Strength training can make your RealAge 1 year younger.

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