Tuesday, November 13, 2007

All Aboard the Dream Train

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Here's a video that brought back many memories for me
about riding with the masses on a train to Mumbai.
Every one of those riders had a story to share and
a cross to bear, or so it seemed. In reality, it turns out
that very little has changed except that now the young
job aspirants have their precious SIM cards
to show off -
a symbol of their hi-tech status that betters
their chances
of landing a job in the big city.

This journey has been played out ever since I can
remember and will always continue. It's the age-old
story of the desperate struggle for survival by youths
in this part of the world. Migrant teenaged youths who must
abandon schooling to make the journey so that their
families won't starve.

Quote :

" These passengers are changing the world. In one
of the
greatest migrations in history, an average
of 31 villagers
are predicted to show up in an
Indian city every minute
for the next 43 years,
according to a study by Goldman
Sachs - 700 million people in all. "

Wish them luck !

Read the International Herald Tribune article by
Anand Giridharadhas here

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