Saturday, November 10, 2007

'The Last Supper' Never Ends

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It may be called 'The Last Supper' but it looks like this
is one Supper that will never end.

For centuries scholars have made it their life's work
delving into its mysteries
(and a decent living while
at it)
. People like 'The Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown.
People like the marketing geniuses behind the annual
Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. In their case, they
used official Fair sponsor Miller Beer's logo with
parody version depicting leather-clad Gays and Lesbians
at this venerable table.

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Miller pulled the logo from the ad to avoid offending
anyone, but only after enough press had been generated
gratis. And comes Giovanni Maria Pala
with some intriguing observations based on his research
on the painting :

Musical notes embedded into Leonardo Da Vinci's

masterpiece 'The Last Supper' are arranged so that one
may actually play this somewhat somber piece
of music,
similar to a requiem. At first the notes didn't
make sense
to the ears of Italian musician/techie
Giovanni until he
played them backwards,
(right-to-left) which is the way
the genius Leonardo
wrote. Talk about da Vinci coding !

It has been common practice for artists from time immemorial
to subtly 'sign' their works through symbolism, aesthetically,
politically and humorously. The Human Ego can be a relentless
driver when it comes to creativity in the Arts.
Obviously Leonardo the ultimate Renaissance man had
to go by what his commissioner for the work wanted : a sacred
mural. But how to sign it ?
The music he must have heard in his head for this painting
subtly found its way into posterity by his hidden musical coding,
his signature. Leaving behind a time capsule for centuries of
future geniuses to try and decipher, and to marvel at. Can you
sense the wisdom, humor and depth of vision of this man ?
I wish I could see him grin behind his heavy flowing beard as he
placed the loaves of bread on the table for musical notation.

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But wait, there's more !
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Will The Last supper never end ? Stay tuned........

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