Thursday, November 08, 2007

Indian Surgeons Shine Brighter

This amazing piece of news needs to be retold and
saved for posterity even though by now it has been relayed
to the world many times over. I'm speaking of course, of
the little Indian girl born with four arms and four legs

who had successful re-constructive surgery and now has
a pretty normal appearance. And a cute smile to boot !

Here's what the shows as her post-op X-Ray :

1. Spine cut from the front to remove extra limbs
2. Wide gap between pelvic bones closed using bone grafts
3. More operations may be needed to correct club feet and
rebuild pelvic floor muscles

There are many brilliant Indian Doctors all over the world
and many more to come, judging by the 24-hour gratis
job done by
Dr. Sharan Patil and his team at Sparsh Hospital
in Bangalore. I await the day when little Lakshmi grows
old enough to seek out and thank these wonderful people.

For those not in the know, Lakshmi was named after the
many-limbed Hindu Goddess of Wealth.

More images like this at

Auspicious. I believe the blessings have only just begun
for Lakshmi and her benefactors.

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