Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Anoushka Shankar in Poona !

This is Anoushka's latest Blogpost on MySpace and
sharing it with you because she is playing for
the first
time ever in my old hometown of
Poona/Pune along with maestro Ravi Shankar,
her Dad :

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

India shows this December!
Category: Music

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is keeping warm and having a
beautiful holiday season. I've recently returned
to my beloved India and am so happy to be back.
Just wanted to write and let people know that my
father and I have two special concerts coming up
this month.

One is in Pune this Saturday the 15th. It's my debut
appearance in Pune so I'm very excited about that.
The next is at the Calcutta Club on December 29th
as part of their Centenary celebrations.

On a personal level, life has been a little crazy and
tumultuous recently, so I wanted to apologise about
all the beautiful letters and comments I've not had
the chance to reply to personally. As always, I'm
deeply thankful.

Happy holidays!

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