Monday, December 03, 2007

REAL AGE : Nov. 30

Since it was my Birthday on Nov. 30th I thought
I might run into some auspicious, strangely-intertwined
bit of health info from the Real Age health advisors.
Info that would make my plans for the year ahead more
healthful. So what did I see but all this sexy stuff :
More Super Strategies
Some foods that resemble anatomical parts
(think asparagus and artichoke hearts) have been
linked to a stronger libido, too. But because it's hard to
do a proper clinical study on this theme, we'll just pass
along the limited facts and leave the rest to your imagination.
In the meantime, here are some better-sex strategies with
a bit more research behind them:
Exercise regularly for better blood flow.
Here's why it matters.

Take it easy on the alcohol. Too much can shut down
sexual response.

Get rid of that gut. Besides helping you feel better about your

body, losing weight if you're overweight can also reduce the
risk of sexual problems like this.

Check out the YOU: On a Diet Center for easy
waist-whittling ideas.

Yes, I AM the MAN with a PLAN(tain) !

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