Friday, December 21, 2007

REAL AGE : December 21 2007

This RealAge Tip seems to anticipate the festive tables
that many will be seated at during the final days of 2007 :

Don't Clear the Table!
Wish you could control yourself better when that bowl of
candy or pile of buffalo wings presents itself?
Here's a trick to try.

Leave the evidence. Whether it's the candy wrappers on
your desk, the wing bones on your dinner plate, or the
empty cookie box on your kitchen counter, seeing the
proof of your indulgence can help curb overeating.
Seeing Is Believing
In a study, people who went to a sports bar could eat
chicken wings free of charge and to their hearts'
(and stomachs') content. Servers cleared away the bones
at some tables but let the bone plates pile up at others.
No surprise: People ate less when evidence of their feast
remained front and center.
4 More Sensible Strategies
A few other ways to stop yourself from eating more than
you should: Is there something missing from your meals?
Find out by answering these questions about
your diet.

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