Thursday, December 06, 2007

Conrad Rooks on 'Siddhartha'

UPDATE : April 15 2008
YouTube got busted and so did I !

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim
by Milestone Film & Video' :-(

Following up on a previous post of revisiting the
Trailer for 'Siddhartha'
I felt the need to share this because I would hate to find it
gone and forgotten, besides it's full of legendary figures.
For the record, 'Siddhartha' is on my Top 10 list of all-time
favorite films.

A rare, long and very interesting interview with
Conrad Rooks about the people and events
surrounding the making of his 1972 film 'Siddhartha'

starring Shashi Kapoor and Simi Garewal.


  1. What happened to the video? I wanted to see it!

  2. I wish you could feel my pain even as I am updating this post. Anyway, the interview is included as part of the Bonus scenes along with the video from Milestone Films:

    Thanks so much for visiting !