Monday, December 10, 2007

Led Zeppelin Now !

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The Song Remains The Same
As a long-time Blues/Rock fan who played lead guitar
during the early '70s I am always excited by news of
my favorite old bands reuniting. Recently Cream,
Pink Floyd and The Who reunited and the results
nothing if not satisfying musically - because the
sounded as fresh and forceful as ever. So of course
I'm thousands of miles away from the Led Zep reunion
but I'm as excited as the first time I heard them on vinyl.
Especially since all reports indicate the music is still
amazingly awesome.

I don't claim to have
a favorite band because guitarists
like myself usually are blown away
listening to the next great
guitar player that comes along. Just like the arrival of the next
fastest gunslinger in town. Anyway, in the
wake of the
reunions mentioned above I'm leaning heavily
in favor of the
band that remains the most influential to
guitarists and singers
alike :
Led Zeppelin. (Note that I refer to guitarists here as
players who play extended, speedy, creative
and atonal
melodies, and singers as those with a
more tuneful, higher-
range than today's crop). Heavy/Trash Metal gods like
Aerosmith, Metallica, Poison,
etc. all owe a huge debt to
Led Zep for paving the way out of
good ol' Rock-n-Roll concert
venues dominated by evergreens like
The Rolling Stones.
A recent New Musical Express gallery
has pictures of the celeb
fans attending the Led Zep reunion/
tribute concert for producer
Ahmet Ertegun : Oasis, Pink,
Jagger, Kate Moss et al. Young'uns,

BBC video bits here

View the pics of the 2007 reunion at O2 Arena UK

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