Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sense and Simplicity from Phillips

Here's what happened while I was probing into the probes
being run by Phillips. You know, Phillips as in
light bulbs
and Home Electronics. I came across video clips of Skin,

Touch-sensitive Tattoos,

Emotion Sensors, Smell and other non-lighting info.

The Phillips
Design Probes are part of a wider strategy
aimed at improving the
innovation hit rate. Growth
through innovation is high on
corporate management
agendas throughout the world yet,
according to figures in
Business Week, "up to 96% of all
new projects fail to meet
the targets for return on

It certainly was a pleasure to surf through the Phillips site
and find great photography, design, video, graphics and
host of other things seemingly unrelated to pushing their
And yet they were doing just that, but in a most
unobtrusive, refined and masterful manner. Got me thinking
of how long I have been a consumer of their products: well
over fifty years !! From my first transistor radio to the
portable record player and on to the TV, I have unconsciously
regarded Phillips as my best buy.

Phillips rightfully bills itself as the 'leader in world lighting' and
they seem to shine even brighter on the official site where
a cool,
laid-back website approach displays their innovations
in sustainable design, then hooks you with plenty of free videos
and Hi-res image
downloads. You'll be amazed at how much
time will have elapsed before you make your exit from the site.

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