Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I can't Imagine Madooo is Tops on MSN

Beatle cover tn
I found this on MSN Entertainment and thought you might be interested in it.
The artist in question is Madooo and he can't believe he landed on top of ...
well... here's what he says :

I find this hard to believe, but on Digital downloads for "Imagine" on
MSN_Music, I find my full version of the "John Lennon Tribute" (with a
4-star rating) is in the 1st place and the "Radio Edit" version is in
13th place with a 5-star rating. Check out the attach jpg.
I've highlighted it.
There are a total of 397 listings.


Click this link and Imagine no more. I Googled it and I'm a Believer !
http://music.msn.com/search/song/Default.aspx?ss=Imagine John+Lennon

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  1. Some comments from Madoo on this post :

    Hey Fred!

    Thanks for the blog. Your site is looking nice. Did you design it


    Hi again Fred!

    Out of curiosity, I did a search for the other 11 cuts on my album and
    am again happily surprised to see most of them within the top 10,
    alongside some great names. I am really excited.

    Many thanks for your continued support and well wishes.