Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Jackie Chan in Mumbai

At Cannes (click to enlarge)

Everyone wanted a piece of Jackie Chan. And at the
media gathering at J W Marriott, Juhu, the Chinese superstar
who’s here to promote The Myth, was at ease even when
the cameras trailed him to the loo.

‘‘I don’t know how the Indian film market functions, how
many theatres are there, how many prints you need, but I
will learn,’’ said Chan. Accompanied by director Stanley Tong
and agent, Willie Chan, his reason for coming to Mumbai for
the premiere was because Mallika Sherawat wailed on
the phone.

Sherawat was reconciled to the fact that she wasn’t the
only one attracting the flashbulbs. ‘‘I can tell my grandchildren
that I’ve done a film with the world’s most famous Chinese
man,’’ she said when asked why she chose to do a role that
supposedly amounted to nine minutes of screen footage.
‘‘It’s a full-fledged role, much longer than nine minutes.
But it’s a Jackie Chan film.’’

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