Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Travel Tip : The Lock 'Em Inn

Drunks are being offered a weekend break with a difference
by police in eastern England -- "convenient accommodation
with lots of bars" at the "Lock'Em Inn."

A spoof brochure is being distributed by Ipswich police in an
effort to remind revelers of the effects of drinking too much
during the first festive season under Britain's new
open-all-hours drinking laws.

Police have produced more than 30,000 leaflets proclaiming
the dubious attractions of the "Lock'em Inn," an establishment
"conveniently located within easy reach of Ipswich pubs,
clubs and criminal courts."

"Built in the 1960s, the atmosphere is truly unique," the leaflet
says of the local police station. The accommodation is
"minimalist chic with economy in mind."

A picture of a microwave meal promises: "Warm food lovingly
reheated in seconds."

Minimum stays are available of between four to six hours, but
the leaflet suggests "Why not make it a long weekend? Get
arrested on a Saturday and stay with us until court Monday."

New licensing laws come into effect across England and Wales
Thursday, which will allow pubs and bars to open for longer.
Senior judges and police have warned the new rules could make
the country's already serious drinking problems worse.

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