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Yes, I was a mixed-up Mod/Psycho/Metro Het'ro in '68
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"The groups that you liked when you were a mod were The Who.
That's the story of why I dig the mods, man, because we were
mods, and that's how we happened. That's my generation, that's
how the song My Generation happened, because of the mods. ...
It was an incredible youthful drive. It was the closest to patriotism
that I've ever felt."
-Pete Townsend in Rolling Stone Interview

60s Scene Gets Another Global Revival

By SOLVEJ SCHOU, Associated Press Writer
"In the early to mid-'60s, scenesters rebelled against drabness in all forms,
opting for clean and sophisticated European looks reminiscent of the
roaring '20s versus sedate post-World War II duds. They also rejected the
1950s' greasy hair-and-motorcycles "rockers" culture.
Mod girls chopped their hair short and designer Mary Quant founded the
A-line "mini skirt." Boys adopted longer hair and sleek, dandified suits, and
rode around on tricked-out Vespa and Lambretta scooters. Bands mimicked
black American R&B artists such as Ray Charles and Bobby Bland, and took
on similar high-energy dance forms.

In the late '70s, Mods reappeared with a New Wave makeover made popular
by suited-up band The Jam. The 1979 cult film "Quadrophenia" furthered the
revival, with its romanticized portrayal of clubs packed with cavorting,
pill-popping Mods wearing World War II parkas."

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