Friday, June 01, 2007

Classic FM TV from Europe

Music videos with a Classic flavor are showcased here in
upbeat contemporary fashion, often using Electronica/

Trance/Dancemix ambient backgrounds and therefore
accessible to the younger generation. Madonna videos
interspersed between traditional Classical symphonies
Italian operatic vocalists. Definitely a different path from
what Americans are following, and a breath of fresh air

Click here to watch the Classic FM TV Channel:

Check out the rest of the Live TV Streams from all over
the globe brought to you by
Incredible amount of channels to choose from !


  1. yeah, is an amazing new site! It has a super range of channels... glad its starting to get some recognition.

  2. Thanks, Claire ! What is your Blog called ?

  3. hi, yes, there are lots of good channels from all over the world (e.g. CNN-IBS) on

    A good thing about is that you can save your channels as a member, then even share them with others.

  4. Also the blog is

    ... interesting Internet TV related news.

  5. Hey,

    I have to agree that is fantastic! I watch all the time, especially when I am at work and have no problems with it at all.

    There are loads of channels to choose from, though I especially like the news channels.

    They now have created a Vista gadget, Mac widget and Facebook application too so you can access thousands of live streams quickly and easily! Check it out:

    Vista gadget:

    Mac widget:

    I would recommend checking this site out as it has so much to offer- fantastic website!

  6. Anonymous8:40 AM

    The gadgets have been updated, as have the streams so they should all be running greatly.

    Visit it and try it out, registration takes 20 seconds and the whole system is really easy to use and understand.

  7. Thanks Khuram, the app update is a nice surprise !

  8. Thanks Khuram, the app update is a nice surprise !

  9. Hello! I have a question: should I download or register or something like it to start using this web site?

  10. : Thanks for the link...I think you are trying to share a website that provides an app. Good luck !

  11. I watched several shows anв I can say I liked them. Will watch more, thanks:)

  12. Define classic, please.
    Do you mean classic 'Doctor Who' series? Or 'Pride and Prejudges'?

  13. I think I was watching some Classical Music show when I posted the blog and did not think of what the title might mean to different people.....sorry for the confusion ! But there are many classics from the early days of TV available on, like I Love Lucy, the Three Stooges, Disney toons, Westerns, etc., so the title is not entirely wrong.

    Thanks once again for the feedback....and by the way the correct title is 'Pride and Prejudice', not 'Pride and Prejudges' as you state....