Saturday, June 09, 2007

From my Inbox: Real Age

This is a new scientific look at the aging process as seen on MSNBC,
CNN, and the other major US networks.
Well worth the time, besides which it may reveal a few things about
yourself which you may have chosen to
ignore. Time to face the facts !

Are you as young as you can be?

It used to be that aging was inevitable. Now you'll notice that some
people look their age, and some people don't.

Research now proves that you can look and feel younger than your
calendar age . . . without expensive products or procedures.
The secret is in how well you take care of yourself. That's where
RealAge can help.

Below are just a few of the RealAge tools that can help you look and
feel younger in as few as 90 days:

* The RealAge test -- An overall health assessment with calculation
and unlimited updates

* Personalized RealAge Plan -- A detailed Age Reduction plan to
help you feel years younger

* RealAge Tip of the Day -- Daily science-based health tips on
nutrition, fitness, supplements, weight loss, and more!

* 40+ Health Assessments -- Personalized, interactive health
assessments to help you lower your risk of disease and help you manage
current conditions

If you have any questions regarding RealAge or your RealAge profile,
don't hesitate to contact me personally. We look forward to your next visit!

Yours in good health,

Charlie Silver
CEO and Co-Founder
RealAge, Inc.

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