Thursday, June 21, 2007

One.Org : A 9,558-way Call

Dear Fred,

I want to thank all of you who joined me, Senators Bill Frist and
Tom Daschle,
Ben Affleck and 9,558 ONE members last week for
the conference call that launched ONE Vote '08, an unprecedented
campaign to engage presidential candidates and voters on the issues of extreme
poverty and global disease.

For those of you that missed it, we put a recording of the call online.

The real power, the real energy, the real momentum of ONE Vote '08 is going
to come from people all over the country, in their homes, in their communities,
showing up at debates and events, making phone calls, writing letters to the
editors of their newspapers and talking to the candidates. ONE Vote '08 is in
your hands.
Whether or not this campaign succeeds will depend on you!

Link to Video :

Last Monday, in Washington, DC, hundreds of you came out to show your support
at a launch event that was standing room only. I said there that Americans are
compassionate people and with a clear call to action, we can unite the country to
tell the next President that saving children and families from hunger and
preventable disease will build our national security and is the right thing to do.
That's why I am confident that over the next 18 months your collective voice will
inspire moral leadership from our Presidential candidates and change the lives
of millions for the better.

So when a candidate is coming to your town, toss on a ONE t-shirt and
go ask them
what their plan is to make poverty history. When the
candidates aren't in your area, you can still take action by spreading the word
about ONE Vote '08, and engaging the candidates online.

To help do all of this, the ONE team has put together a new website - where they are building the tools you need to take action.
You'll also find a detailed presidential policy platform there, outlining what we are
asking of the candidates, and our launch video from other ONE supporters like
Tom Brady, Don Cheadle and Matt Damon.

ONE members have built a nationwide, grassroots network that has changed the
direction of American policy and shown that the poorest nations of Africa and the
developing world are an opportunity for great American leadership. ONE Vote '08
is your opportunity to engage the Presidential candidates and ask them what they
are going to do to end extreme global poverty. Working together as ONE, we'll make
sure that the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - no matter who wins in
November 2008 - is a strong ally in the fight to save lives and secure our future.

Thank you,

Susan McCue,



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