Thursday, June 21, 2007

Radio Dazed, Not Confused

When I work on the Virtual Poona Blog I have to stop
watching TV and all the video clips and Movies available online.
Sometimes I'm just too bored with the 200+ CDs in my collection
and long for some good new spontaneous music that suits my mood.
That's where Radio Tower comes in. With just a couple of clicks
I'm listening to great music in the background while I'm blogging.
I can pick music either by category or country or station, and with
over 1400 stations to choose from, my search for live streaming
radio is over.

Thanks to Radio Tower, I discovered this station that covers Classic
Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, R-n-B and offers lots of Games and more :
The #1 Internet Radio Network broadcasting live
from New York City, with a unique variety and
blend of creative Artists and music."
Give it a try if you have recent versions of
Windows Media Player or Real Player and a fast connection.

Now that's just ONE station I discovered from over 1400 available....

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