Monday, June 11, 2007

Blogcamp Pune Nears

Blogcamp Pune is a precious few days away and the media
finally woken up ! Here's a brief excerpt of an article in
the Indian Express :

' The increasingly internet-savvy urban India is beginning to
take this new medium of self-expression seriously, as the seeds
of an organised movement will be laid in the city next weekend.
Pune is all set to host its first blog camp at the Symbiosis Centre
for IT (SCIT) on June 16. Termed as unconference, the camp is
being organised by and for the blogging community by
Tarun Chandel, Parag Shah, Rajesh Segu, Ranjan Jha, Tushar
Gandothra and Kaushikram — all long-time bloggers.'

Link to full article here :

For more info visit the Blogcamp Pune Wiki

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