Monday, June 18, 2007

Forever Young At Heart

By the time you read this post, some of the folks in this story
may be breathing their last. Strange but true, and a story that
bears mention wherever music is appreciated and Seniors
respected. Which should be everywhere.

"These gyrating geriatrics travel around the world
belting out rock classics and garnering rave reviews"
—Time Magazine, June 2005

Consider this : their repertoire includes songs from
The Rolling Stones,
Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay,
the 'Godfather Of Soul' James Brown and
Led Zep.
Yep. You've never heard cover versions like this.

From their humdrum daily existence in an Adult Care facility
Northampton, Massachusetts, since 1982 these spunky
Seniors have traveled and entertained folks in the far
of the globe, and have been
the subject of countless Press
reviews, honors and even an award-winning Documentary

created especially for the UK's Channel 4.

youngatheart BBC documentary poster

Do they need more Media coverage ? In my opinion, yes.
They can never get enough Press because their
story is a part
of every human's story - the story of living life to the
regardless of age, with a sense of fun and bravado.

Official site of the Young At Heart Chorus

Young At Heart Chorus on MySpace
(with MP3 samples)

Young @ Heart Chorus charms with comedy
and pop songsThe Dartmouth, April 19, 2007
It is possible to grow old without growing boring.
read more (off-site link)

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