Monday, June 18, 2007

From My Inbox : RealAge Tips

3 Ways to Lick the Salt Habit
Is your blood pressure just a little high? Taste your food before
you salt it. Seems that letting go of the shaker provides big
benefits not just for people with high blood pressure but also
for . . . Read more.

Sad and Old: It Ain't So
We may lose our hair, not hear as well, and get more wrinkles
-- but we'll have big smiles on our faces. It turns out that growing
older isn't . . . Read more.

Tune In to Dinner Time
Are SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer sabotaging
your child's eating habits? If he or she is seeing too much of those
characters, then perhaps so. Too much TV is associated with
. . . Read more.


Originally published on 06/18/2007.

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