Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Yesterday I was watching a creepy movie called
'The Ring Two'
mainly because I like Naomi Watts' acting
(okay, her looks).

In it, she plays a mother who has to drown her young son in a
bathtub in order to exorcise the spirit that is possessing him -
the spirit of a young girl who was drowned in a bathtub due to
her mother's PPD (that's Post-Partum Depression to you).

This seemed to 'ring' -pun intended- a bell about a similar case
right where I live and set me racking my brains for the name of the
NASA mother who was involved.
Just couldn't get her name*
until it unfortunately appeared before me in today's AP news

Quote from AP article
'Texas has seen a disturbing number of child killings by mothers in
recent years. Andrea Yates* drowned her five children in the family's
Houston bathtub in 2001. In 2003, Deanna Laney beat her two young
sons to death with stones in East Texas, and Lisa Ann Diaz drowned
her daughters in a Plano bathtub. Dena Schlosser fatally severed her
10-month-old daughter's arms with a kitchen knife in 2004. All four of
those women were found innocent by reason of insanity. Yates initially
was convicted of capital murder, but that was overturned on appeal.'

This seemed eerie to me, coming as it did less than twenty-four hours
after it was bothering me, but not too eerie. I keep having these strange
premonitions or bouts with ESP, which I intend to share with you from
time to time.

Here's one earlier ESP-ish example that starts :
'Checking TV listings for Turner Classic Movies for Nov. 13th I
Mother India scheduled for 1:00 a.m.'....
Something made me want to read more about this movie and then
I figured out why: my father..........

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