Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Far We've Come

Dear Fred,

Since the start of May, you have played a central role in crucial poverty-fighting legislation. You helped introduce The Education for All and the Global Child Survival Acts, sending nearly 200,000 letters to members of Congress, letting them know that their constituents support the legislation.

Two relatively minor bills like these would normally be overshadowed by some of the larger bills currently going through Congress, but you gave them some serious momentum; the Global Child Survival Act alone already has 29 co-sponsors. Before your letters were even printed for delivery, we heard from congressional staff that our mobilization created palpable energy around the bills.

The next step from here is to start raising public awareness on these bills. On Friday morning, we want your neighbors to open their local paper and read a letter to the editor from a ONE member about the opportunity America has to provide life-saving services to children and their mothers and to provide the means for every child to receive a primary education

Please take a moment to send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper explaining the importance of these two bills and how they are having a real impact in the fight against poverty.

A letter to the editor not only serves the purpose of spreading the word, it also acts as a second - much more public - letter to your members of Congress, who read their local papers to find out what constituents in their district and state are thinking about.

Send a message to your community and your elected officials by writing a letter to the editor.

Now that these bills have been introduced, it is not abnormal for them to take several months before they move through committee and to a vote by the full House and Senate. We'll be sure to keep you updated on future opportunities to help them along the way.

Congratulations on all that you have achieved, and thank you for continuing to take action against extreme poverty and global AIDS.

Thank you for your voice,

Josh Peck,


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