Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Pix by Madooo

Madooo moonlights as a photographer when he's not
working at Deutsche Inc's Graphic Dept., or creating music.
He often contributes to this Blog with news and original pix.

Madooo said :

Hey Fred!

Some pix I took of Russell Simmons

last week.

Also included are 2 pix from the BeatleFest at NJ in March:

I met 'The Quarrymen'**

and also 'Norman (Hurricane) Smith',

the sound engineer for the 1st 6 albums of THE BEATLES...
he was also instrumental in getting 'Pink Floyd'
signed in the 60s. Some great moments for me.
Looks like... "Its getting better all the time"



**The Quarrymen (sometimes written as The Quarry Men)
(circa late 1956 - Oct 1959) were an English skiffle group formed
in Liverpool in the latter part of 1956 by John Lennon with several
school friends.

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