Thursday, May 03, 2007

That Old Black Magic

From Reuters via Yahoo Odd News :
' Belief in black magic is common in some parts of
rural India, despite the country's robust economic
growth and cutting-edge high-technology industries.
Dozens of women are murdered each year after being
accused of witchcraft. '

A gruesome tale of an elderly couple being burned alive
has just surfaced from the city of Hyderabad but I'll just let
you decide if you wish to read the rest of this story here.

I wish someday to see the Yahoo news from India appear less
frequently in the Odd News section and more in the main section.
It's becoming like the stereotypical images of India as seen in
the media : Tigers, the Taj Mahal, a Sadhu or a smiling Hindu
woman with a red dot on her forehead and a nose ring......

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