Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fiddling while Rome Burns Part II

With FEMA in charge , we're assured of a timely response
to any Emergency, including Bio-terrorism....

Firefighters stuck in hotel awaiting orders
ATLANTA — Hundreds of firefighters who volunteered to help rescue
victims of Hurricane Katrina have instead been playing cards, taking
classes on FEMA's history, and lounging at a local hotel as they wait
for days for deployment orders.

"On the news every night you hear, 'How come everybody forgot us?'"
said Joseph Manning, a firefighter from Washington, Penn. "We didn't
forget. We're stuck in Atlanta drinking beer."

Tony Russell, the FEMA official in charge of the firefighters, says he's
trying to get the officers deployed as fast as he can but wants to make
certain they're sent where the need is greatest.
Link to AP article via the Houston Chronicle

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