Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Memo to MeMo (the Blog)

Quoting Kyrie O'Connor of the Houston Chronicle Blog MeMo :
Give good stuff. The Louisianans in our midst are not charity cases.
They are our brothers and sisters and parents and children. Give
accordingly. It's been my experience that a lot of stuff given to
second-hand clothing places and even food banks is stuff the givers
wouldn't wear or eat.

Don't do that. Those acid-wash jeans with the pleats? Nobody wants
to wear those. They don't want your gallon jar of capers, either.

The Evening News on our local Houston ABC-TV had a snippet of FBI
agents from
Austin who 'donated' truckloads of confiscated clothing,
'Knockoffs' a.k.a. illegal copies of Designer creations. And as we
know, there's a huge market for the stuff. Think of all those 'Insider
Shopping Tips' we get on the Morning Shows :
'The original cost $2,500. We spent just $60.00 !'

So if you see some really fabulous Designer Duds being sported
around the Astrodome, don't be taken aback. The victims did not go
on an extravagant shopping spree. The FBI made it possible through a
simple act of Goodwill.

Go thou and do likewise....

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