Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Puneites cry for Pune

Puneites, who have contributed their valuable intellectual and
professional resources and have hung on to Pune for years all
for the love of the city, now want to bid adieu, thanks to the mega
mess that the city has come to be.
Pune, September 13: WHEN you become a staunch Puneite,
you overcome the barriers of any caste, community or state you
hail from. You just fall in love with the city and surrender your
loyalty to it — perhaps even at the cost of turning away temptations
of greener pastures elsewhere.
Puneites used to proudly state ‘‘Pune tithe kaay une’’ (When it is
Pune, what can be wanting?). No wonder then — defence personnel,
bureaucrats, various professionals and entrepreneurs from all corners
of the country, have made a permanent home in Pune, over several
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  1. good blog about another city i used to love..

    as a maharashtrian who grew up in bangalore, i feel the same way about my city...
    in a way, on one hand thankful, but begrudging my mnc employer and other companies who have invested large amounts of money...

    i'm all for foreign investment but don't want the crowd that it brings and clogs the cities...

    guess that's asking for too much, not being realistic..

    any alternatives?

  2. Thanks for the comment! No alternatives are to be expected. They have begun exploring Mars for its ability to sustain life as we know it because of the overcrowding and pollution here. Of course, it wouldn't be accessible to the common man, only to researchers and millionaires (like that joyride the Millionaire took some time back at his own expense).

    It's a dilemma - with progress comes unwanted problems. All we have is our memory of the beauty and peace we believed were a part of everyday life, and that memory itself falls prey to the ravishing effects of Age.

    And yet the very progress of today, which offers opportunities for those who could not see any before, will in turn be lauded by them when they reach our age. So I cherish and protect my memories in this Virtual Poona blog and hopefully enlighten a few about my old home town.

  3. Sir...

    Thanks for your encouragement on my blog, http://onlyfoolsdie.blogspot.com. Yes, you can't be more right in saying that once a person come to Pune or as it when you were here Poona, there is no place else we'd rather be.

    I shall be passing out of my MBA from Symbiosis next year and already I am hating the idea of a job anywhere else. I come from a Defence background and have already started brainwashing my parents to move permanently here :)

    Am learning Marathi too...from Mr. Waghmole only!