Monday, September 12, 2005

Lost in Translation : Spanglish

Mozilla browser's Instant Translation
feature works for Yahoo Espana article...
with hilarious results :
9 of September of 2005, 20h09*

'The traveller undressed, lengthy during a passage'
LONDON (AFP) - the attempt of Stephen Gough, 46 years and
nicknamed by the British as the ' traveller undressed, to cross
Great Britain, was interrupted east Friday by a court of Edimburgo
that decided to send to prison two weeks to him.

This ex- member of the Royal Marine had arrived almost at the end
of its expedition after to have passed the end of Land's End in
Cornualles (Southeastern of England) in the middle of June and had
done more than 1,000 kilometers on foot.

But its passage was affected the 1 of September by a very modest
man. William Lister, of 21 years, alerted to the police after to have
seen Stephen Gough and its companion dressed in a knapsack
and its slippers passage.The young person both justified his
decision by the presence of a boy to the passage of travellers:
"he was worried about the boy, a boy who would see naked people",
he explained east Friday before the court of Edimburgo.

The condemned by disturbance of the public order, Stephen Gough
was accompanied by his companion, Melanie Roberts, of 33 years,
a peluquera of Bournemouth (South of England). Strangely, Scottish
justice has not considered useful or necessary to also undertake legal
actions against her.At any moment naked before the Scottish magistrates,
Gough did not need if it were going to finish his expedition towards
John ÓGroats, the Scottish northeast end, once left prison.

The ex- soldier already tried once this passage, but he did not arrive at
Scotland. It was stopped twice.For this passage of 1,400 kilometers,

Gough and its companion had anticipated to use two months.

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