Monday, September 12, 2005

Space Shuttle Tribute Bike visits Seabrook

The roar and hum of motorcycles on weekends
gets me out of bed (and away from it till
late at night) since I
live next to the Seabrook Beach Club
which specializes in
Boats, Bikes, Babes, Beer...the B's
go on. This is a local
hotspot situated alongside the water,
but the streetside
entrance/parking lot faces my window
so I'm often treated to
free 'previews' of current attractions.
Last Sunday it was a
souped-up car convention.
In Summer it's Miss Hawaiian
Tropic contests, Mud
Wrestling, Texas Hold'em, etc. I often
have to dig up the
old field glasses (mini-binox) to better
appreciate the '
free previews' ;-)

Well, last Sept. 3rd I heard an unusual hum unlike any bike
I'd heard before, so I looked out of the window and was
lucky enough to see an empty parking lot and a biker
couple cruising around the entrance of the club. Yes, it was
the Orange County Choppers' Space Shuttle Tribute bike !
Another beauty from these upstate NY bike builders regularly
seen on the Discovery channel.
Link to earlier Houston Chronicle coverage

One of these days I'll get a cam and record the view from here.

Hopefully no one in the parking lot will notice me....

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