Monday, September 05, 2005


Any excuse for a Psychedelic 'Happening !'


  1. Hey Mike - Can we have, like, a Whos-Who for the image. Can recognise a few studs, but hey! I need some more.

  2. Mostly they're my B.A. classmates - with some B.Com and B.Sc friends,
    many whose names evade me. I'll try :

    TOP from Left : Reggie (Malaysian) with Adi Newby,a Singh couple, another Sikh named Bedi (put his hair down),
    Rusty Newby, two Vijays from Tadiwala Rd., Mukhtar Tejani
    (Gits Foods), another Sikh babe.
    MIDDLE : One of the few introverted females in my class,
    'Shesha' Sheshadharan, unnamed guy, unnamed E. African
    student, Ferheiz Bharucha (daughter of Dr. Bharucha DDS on
    Main St.), Cawas Patel (Parsi from E. Africa).
    BOTTOM : Simon Hyam (lived next to the Cafe from
    where we ordered Chai and Cigs up to VC), Jammy in beads
    (now Head of the English Dept. at the Univ. of W. Virginia !),
    and a Parsi kid - Firoze or Khushroo or Jamshed, etc. ???

    Thanks for asking - certainly was fun remembering that Jammy and me were the only two guys in a class with about 25 gals, unless you count two priests from Spicer who were also in our batch. It was 'hard'....being a student back then, and this pic doesn't even include the real 'babes' whom I studied (with).

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