Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not Your Mother's Katrina Aftermath Story - 2

This news item gives new meaning to the words 'Relief' money.
Others have found better ways to use the cash....
like buying gold, drugs, and dining in fancy restaurants.

Some Evacuees Spend Relief Money At Strip Clubs

HOUSTON -- On the same day that the Houston Police Department announced
the formation of a task force to find people abusing or scamming the FEMA and
Red Cross debit cards, KPRC Local 2 discovered that some of the money has
been spent at local strip clubs.The cards were given to evacuees from Hurricane
Katrina to help them relocate and start their lives anew after losing everything they
own. There are no rules on how the money should be spent, but most spend it on
the necessities -- food, clothing and shelter.

A manager at Caligula XXI Gentlemen's Club on Westheimer Road told KPRC
Local 2 that he has seen at least one debit card used at his club.

A woman known only as "Abby" is a bartender at Baby Dolls, another adult
entertainment club across the street." A lot of customers have been coming in from
Louisiana and they've been real happy about the $1.75 beers and they're really
nice," she said.

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